Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stop by the Vianden Castle while in the tiny Duchy of Luxembourg

article from I Collect Castles.com

Even if you don’t usually collect castles, you’ll want to pay this one a visit when in Luxembourg.
Well… first of all because there’s not much to do in Luxembourg City. Yeah, the city is capital and its tininess gives it a certain charm, but at the end of the first day you’ll realize there’s nothing left to do and you still have one or two more days to go. 
The fortified Vianden Castle is around 1000 year old and it was built on a rocky cliff, towering over the Our river and cozy Vianden Commune.
It was an amazing one day trip, took us about an hour to get there. We visited the castle, enjoyed the view, and then we had a late lunch on the Our riverbanks, not far from the little bridge and Victor Hugo House.
  1. Take train from Luxembourg train station to Ettlebruck station
  2. Bus #570 from Ettlebruck to Vianden; the bus station is next to the train station;
  3. When you get off the bus in Vianden, you can either take it by foot (castle is ~300 m altitude) or take the Vianden Chairlift up to a gorgeous scenic view from where you walk a few more minutes to the castle.
Part of the prettiness of this day trip is enjoying the beautiful view! I definitely encourage you to take the chairlift. Plus you can get to see more of Vianden streets, architecture etc. while going back down (by taking the Grand Rue — see map here).
Aerial view of Vianden

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