Sunday, May 16, 2010

Restaurant Chartier Paris

We have been living in the 9th arrondissement of Paris for a while now and it was just recently that we had lunch at Chartier Restaurant. This restaurant has seen and known two centuries since its creation in 1896.

We were often passing by, but never went in because each time there was a huge waiting line at the entrance. So one Sunday, as we were planning on having lunch at O'Sullivans, a chain of nice Irish Pubs, we passed right by Chartier. We took a look at the menu, which seemed awkwardly cheap, and decided to try it. There were only two couples in front of us in line and we were also hungry... perfect timing. Inside the place was packed, but we felt lucky sitting at a table for 4. As we were just saying how nice it is that they put us there, another couple had joined our table. It was hilarious. After all these months of living here and we're still surprised when something like this happens. The waiter asked us if we are deux par deux or together; we said 'deux' and he replied laughing 'you are 4 now'.

If you want to get a full taste of the Paris atmosphere this is the place: the architecture and decorations give the 19th century ambiance, the waiters are old school, the tables are small and all jammed together...

The only thing missing is good food. As I said the menu is really cheap, the cheapest I've ever seen around Paris, but the food doesn't shine and the plateful is not that full.
A more in detail review of Bouillon Chartier is given by David Lebovitz, a great chocolate and pastry maker, living the sweet life in Paris.

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