Thursday, January 7, 2010

Versailles Visit

We finally took the Versailles Visit, after 4 months of living in Paris; better late than never.

What is strange is that we first visited Château de Fontainebleau and not Versailles. Good that I can now make the comparison though. Versailles is special, it holds so much history, its gardens are great... you need more than a day to visit the entire estate. However, what Fontainebleau has over Versailles is less tourists (close to none), less popularity, meaning that you can truly enjoy the visit and have the best of it. Crowded sites like Versailles tend to spoil the uniqueness of what they can really offer.

The view was like this:

Useful info:
- It’s better to book your ticket online, and then pick it up at the Internet line, which is clearly smaller.
- Plus if you buy online you get 2 tickets at the price for 1


If you want to keep Versailles with you, after visiting, there is available a Chateau de Versailles DVD called The Visit.


In the DVD video "VERSAILLES, the visit", Gérard Corbiau, the director, and Béatrix Saule, the author of the commentary, guide us for 60 minutes to the heart of Versailles, where we discover the palace, and the park and gardens through a circuit arranged chronologically and by subject matter. Accompanied by the best cinema technicians, the director shows us a sparkling and sumptuous Versailles. Certain areas generally closed to the public (Marie-Antoinette's theatre, Louis XV's "petits appartements") are shown to us in all their intimacy.
The DVD video also includes,

- the making-off : a 20 minute film of the shooting directed by J-C Guillosson, which will show you the difficulties met by the team, both of a climatic nature and inherent to the palace's architecture, as well as the extent to which the director has created a work of emotion through this documentary.

- the life at court, a two minute short length film showing the the museum's collections (prints, paintings, etc.).

- the plans of the palace and its gardens.

- access to the film by chapter.

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